Ensuring Reliable Outdoor Lighting with Surge Protection

Ensuring Reliable Outdoor Lighting with Surge Protection

The Choierlight SP family of surge protection devices is at the forefront of the LED revolution in outdoor lighting, offering top-notch electrical immunity protection for all Choierlight LED luminaires.

Just like our household electrical appliances and computers, outdoor LED luminaires require surge protectors to safeguard against lightning or electrical storms. The emergence of LEDs in the outdoor lighting market has paved the way for highly efficient lighting solutions. LEDs have revolutionized the illumination of streets, parking lots, urban areas, and public parks, offering enhanced performance and an extended lifespan.

LED luminaires are constructed with delicate electronic components that demand protection against electrical noise, commonly referred to as electromagnetic interference (EMI). Given their installation in harsh outdoor environments, these sensitive electronic parts must be shielded to prevent premature failure.

In the past, older lamp technologies relied on robust core and coil ballasts, as well as high discharge lamps, which were unaffected by this phenomenon.

But what are we shielding our LED luminaires from?

It is crucial to shield our LED luminaires from high-energy electrical discharges transmitted to the luminaire itself or the electrical grid network. These discharges comprise electrical noise generated by other connected devices on the same electrical network, such as HID ballasts or industrial equipment like motors. Discharges can also result from electrical flashes or lightning striking nearby electrical networks or buildings, transferring high electrical energy to the luminaires. Depending on where the luminaires are connected on the electrical distribution grid or the geographical location (for example, Tampa Bay, known as the lightning city), equipment may face a high risk of failure if not equipped with surge protection.

So, how do surge protectors work?

surge protection connection

Choierlight's surge protection devices (SPDs) consist of well-designed assemblies of electronic components, including Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). Positioned at the luminaire's power input stage, the SP1 unit acts as the first line of defense, reacting swiftly to abnormal voltage fluctuations. It detects the irregular voltage and swiftly conducts current to capture the high-energy surge in a process known as "clamping action." By bringing the voltage back to a typical, normal level, it redirects the high-energy surge away from the sensitive components and towards the SPD. Inside the SPD, MOVs comprised of a ceramic mass of zinc oxide grain packed between two metal plates start dissipating and eliminating the surge energy. The higher the energy rating (measured in kilojoules) of the SPD, the more energy it can handle and the longer it will endure.

surge protection device

Introducing SP1 - The Surge Protection Device

Designed specifically for outdoor LED lighting, the Choierlight SP1 surge protection device holds UL1449 3rd edition recognition and offers comprehensive protection for line/neutral, line/ground, and neutral/ground connections in accordance with the highest protection standards recommended by IEEE C62.41.2-2002 (Category C - High). It is worth noting that IEEE has defined different protection levels based on the device's location in the electrical distribution grid and the geographic location (for Category C, which pertains to external applications). Category C also differentiates between low and high exposure levels, depending on the geographic location. Choierlight's SP1 series has been tested and complies with the C-High IEEE rating since our products are specifically designed for outdoor use, directly integrated into the electrical distribution network, and suitable for installations worldwide, even in challenging environments.

Moreover, the SP1 and SP1HV models also adhere to the new Elevated Electrical Immunity Requirement outlined by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Municipal Solid State Street Lighting Consortium (MSSLC) Model Specification for LED Roadway Luminaires.

The SP family has recently expanded with the addition of a state-of-the-art unit that offers maximum protection against electromagnetic interference. Introducing the Choierlight SP2 high-energy and high-peak current surge protection device, specifically designed to ensure electrical immunity in the most demanding outdoor locations and scenarios. With comprehensive protection for line/neutral, line/ground, and neutral/ground connections, and a peak current rating twice that of the IEEE C62.41.2-2002 C-High recommendation (22KA), outdoor LED luminaires equipped with the SP2 device benefit from the ultimate defense against lightning strikes and switching surge events.

When it comes to purchasing and installing outdoor LED luminaires, it is imperative to consider equipping this cutting-edge lighting solution with a surge protection device. By choosing Choierlight and implementing our reliable surge protection solutions, you can safeguard your investment, ensure the longevity of your outdoor lighting infrastructure, and minimize the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

Don't leave your LED luminaires vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of electrical surges. Trust Choierlight's SP family of surge protection devices to provide robust electrical immunity, enabling your outdoor lighting to shine brightly and consistently in any environment.

Illuminate your surroundings with confidence and reliability. Choose Choierlight for dependable surge protection in outdoor LED lighting solutions.

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